Just yesterday, the “green” agenda was on the front pages, but today few people remember it. What’s going on and will it come back? With this publication, we begin a series of materials about the most important thing — about what the “main doctrine of mankind” really was, why it was blown away with lightning speed and what will happen to it, to us and the planet in the near future.

Sergei Pravosudov, Director of the National Energy Institute, an expert on gas and oil, is discussing this today.

It did not start yesterday

«Green transition» was included into crisis even in the fall of 2021 when gas prices sharply grew. It appeared, it was not pumped enough gas in storages of Europe. They began to worry that it would not be enough. On this background the prices also grew to $1 thousand for one thousand cubes and mere, it was the record. Not to freeze, Europe began «to mobilize» everything that burns — coal, fuel oil, firewood. Naturally the prices on these products also grew.
And in the final the electricity, and also oil rose in price — because fuel oil is made of oil.
Consumers expressed their dissatisfaction in every possible way. And there was a reason. Someone closed the business. Someone just froze, not finding the money to pay for the sharply more expensive heating. That was the real picture of things this winter.

The problem becomes aggravated

The habitual «green» rhetoric remained so far: we need more renewable energy. See that is created with traditional carriers.
Unfortunately, problems with RES did not get to anywhere. The sun does not shine — there is no electricity. The wind does not blow — there is no generation. It doesn’t matter if you have ten wind turbines or a hundred. In its current form, renewable energy technologies have proved unable to close the energy deficit.
Since the end of February, the problem has finally fallen into some kind of hysteria. «What a disgusting thing this Russian oil is!» said seemingly intelligent people.
The crisis has turned into a second round. Prices have risen even more. More people began to take to the streets. People don’t want to freeze. They demand justice. This is exactly the picture that is being observed now.

Why did it happen this way?

The world is ruled by financiers. Not by industrialists, not dealers, namely financiers.
Who is this financier? It is a person who is absolutely deprived of responsibility for the actions.
The producer of toys most of all is afraid that this product will cripple the child. The dealer is afraid that the products which were stolen in a warehouse will poison the consumer. The supplier of grass is afraid that he will not put gas and somewhere the grandmother will freeze. All this is court, prison, obstruction.
A financier is afraid of nothing.
In logic of a financier gas for $2 thousand is good because that will be bought. It is not a big deal that consumption will fall. It does not even come to his mind that a grandmother will not buy it and will freeze. There are no grandmothers in his system of the world.
If the product is expensive, he figures out what model of car he can buy now.
The financier’s only concern is to support the flywheel of the production of more and more new money. Quotations have to grow infinitely. Profits have to grow infinitely. He does not understand that goods which are bought by real consumers — oil, gas — cannot infinitely rise in price, because they have a limit of purchasing power.
Previously, financiers managed to maintain an avalanche of new money with the help of governments and big businesses — both of them are heavily credited. What to do now — financiers do not understand. Governments say they can’t do it anymore because inflation is breaking records. Business says that this is the edge — corporations are working to service their debts. What should I do?

And what will happen now

Everything is in a kind of stupor. The only thing they have come up with so far is to raise interest rates. But it means: if I took out a loan at a low rate, I should pay it back at a high rate. It is so-so solution, because no one has any money right now.
Since financiers do not know how to do much well, they have only pushed Russia towards China by imposing sanctions. This will contribute to the strengthening of the People’s Republic of China. China will get Russian resources cheaper. China will get an uncompetitive sales market the size of one-eighth of the world.