As of December 31, 2021 in the territory of Russia reserves of hydrocarbons of Gazprom Group of the categories A+B1+C1 made 30,2 trillion CBM of natural gas, 1,4 billion tons of gas condensate and 1,9 billion tons of oil. The total volume of reserves of hydrocarbons of Gazprom Group of the categories A+B1+C1 corresponds 221,11 barrels of oil equivalent.


High quality of resource base allows Gazprom to support the low level of cost of geological exploration. Average costs of completion of explored reserves make about 25 rubles for 1 barrel of oil equivalent. A share of the Group in reserves of hydrocarbons of the categories A+B1+C1 of the associated organizations and joint ventures in the territory of Russia made for December 31, 2021 1,1 trillion CBM of natural gas, 122 million tons of gas condensate and 726,5 million tons of oil, or totally 13,33 billion barrels of oil equivalent.
Following the results of the last year in the territory of Russia the gain of reserves of hydrocarbons on the categories A+B1+C1 as a result of carrying out prospecting works made 525,8 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 9,09 million tons of gas condensate and 43,51 million tons of oil. The most essential gain of reserves of natural gas is received on the Leningrad gas-condensate field located on a continental shelf of the Russian Federation in the Kara Sea, ‒ 439,6 billion cubic meters Besides, the West Varavensky oil field in Krasnodar Krai and 29 new deposits on other fields are opened.


Following the results of 2021 production of natural and associated gas of Gazprom Group in Russia made 515,6 billion cubic meters (in 2020 ‒ 454,5 billion cubic meters). The maximum daily gas production during the autumn and winter period of 2020/21 is recorded on February 17, 2021 at the level of 1548,1 million cubic meters.
In 2021 the Gazprom Group in the territory of the Russian Federation extracted 16,32 million tons of gas condensate that approximately corresponds to the level of the previous year.
Oil production in 2021 in Russia by Gazprom Group made 48,2 million tons (in 2020 ‒ 47,1 million tons). The increase in volumes of oil production by Gazprom Group is generally connected with start of oil and gas infrastructure, and also implementation of the program of geological and technical actions on oil rims of fields of Nadym-Pur-Taz region (Pestsovy, West Tarkosalinsky, Han-Yakhinsky) and Chayandinskoye oil and gas field.


In 2021 in the territory of Russia 703,1 billion cubic meters of gas (in 2020 — 625 billion cubic meters) came to gas-transport system of Gazprom. Growth of an indicator in comparison with the level of the previous year is caused by dynamics of demand for natural gas in Russia and abroad.
On the Force of Siberia main gas pipeline supply of the Russian gas to China is carried out. Due to the increased demand in the gas market People’s Republic of China since November of last year daily supply of gas on MG «Force of Siberia» on one third exceeded daily contractual obligations of PAO Gazprom. As a result the volume of supply of gas to the People’s Republic of China in 2021 exceeded annual contract values on 0,39 billion cubic meters.


In the territory of Russia the Gazprom Group operates the 23rd underground gas storages (UGS) in 27 geological structures: 17 ‒ in the exhausted gas fields, 8 ‒ in water-bearing layers and 2 ‒ in deposits of rock salt. UGS are located in the main areas of consumption of gas, provide during the heating period to 22% of supply of gas to the Russian consumers and for export, and in days of sharp cold snaps this size reaches 44% of the total amount of natural gas in the Uniform System of Gas Supply (USGS). It is the most effective and eco-friendly way of optimization of global systems of gas supply.

During the season-2020/21 in connection with weather conditions the record volume of an operational reserve ‒ 60,96 billion cubic meters (84% of the created volume) was selected. The previous record on gas selection from UGS of Russia was set in a season of selection of 2007/08 and made 50 billion cubic meters.
For the beginning of a season of selection of 2021/22 the volume of an operational reserve of gas in UGS of Russia increased by 0,316 billion cubic meters in comparison with the previous season and made 72,638 billion cubic meters. Growth of an indicator is connected with input of objects of the Kaliningrad UGS, implementation of the design technological decision regarding the compressor gas offtake in State-farm, Kasimovsky and Kanchurinsky UGS which allowed to increase the time period of work of storages on the maximum productivity with operation of the Kaluga UGS in the multicyclic mode, and also with development of UGS of sites of gas-transport system, adjacent to the Kanchurinsko-Musinsky complex.

Gas distribution

In property and service of the affiliated and dependent gas-distributing organizations (GRO) of Gazprom Group in the territory of Russia as of December 31, 2021 there were 831,8 thousand km of networks of gas distribution.

Last year transportation volume on gas-distributing system of affiliated and dependent GRO of Gazprom made 249,6 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Thus natural gas provided 28,4 million apartments and private households, 33,8 thousand industrial facilities, 9,5 thousand agricultural and 361,4 thousand household objects.

The Program of gasification of regions of the Russian Federation for 2021 included 68 regions and financing of 54,05 billion rubles. Besides, last year two issues of termless bonds of JSC Gazprom Capital with a total par value of 120 billion rubles were placed. The received funds were allocated in JSC Gazprom Mezhregiongaz for the purposes of financing of programs of development of gas supply and gasification of the Russian regions.

Also within the PAO «Gazprom» Investment program for gasification and gas supply of regions construction of gas pipeline branches and gas-distributing stations (GRS) is continued. The volume of development of capital investments in this direction made last year 11,99 billion rubles (including VAT).
In 2021 construction of 163 inter-settlement gas pipelines more than 2,7 thousand km long in 42 regions of Russia was completed. Tens of thousands of new consumers in 342 settlements had an opportunity to be connected to network gas. Level of gasification as of December 31, 2021 made in general across Russia 72,1%.

Gas motor fuel

Production and realization of natural gas as motor fuel is among the strategic areas of work of Gazprom Group in Russia. The company actively develops a network of automobile gas-filling compressor stations (CNG filling station). Consistently expands own park of automotive equipment on natural gas.

JSC Gazprom Gas Motor Fuel is determined by the uniform operator by development of the GMT market, including in realization of gas as motor fuel and to development of retail network of the CNG filling station in the territory of Russia. Its participants on a parity basis are the subsidiary of PAO Gazprom and the company entering into Gazprombank Group. On balance of the affiliated organizations of Gazprom Group and JSC Gazprom Gas Motor Fuel there are 386 CNG filling stations with a productivity more than 2,85 billion cubic meters a year.
The volume of realization of KPG by the organizations of Gazprom Group, JSC Gazprom Gas Motor Fuel and its subsidiaries through own network of the CNG filling station in the territory of the Russian Federation last year reached the level of 947,8 million cubic meters (in 2020 there were 842,4 million cubic meters).

Work on expansion of use of KPG as motor fuel on own transport of the organizations of Gazprom Group is carried out according to medium-term programs. In 2021 712 units of gas engine transport and five units of mobile gas-filling infrastructure were acquired. As of December 31, 2021 the park of natural gas vehicles made 13 485 units, park of mobile gas-filling infrastructure ‒ 175 units. The volume of consumption of natural gas (methane) as motor fuel own transport in 2021 reached 82,2 million cubic meters (in 2020 ‒ 73,2 million cubic meters). Due to use of more environmentally friendly motor fuel (methane) emissions of the polluting substances in atmospheric air were reduced by 38,8 thousand tons (in 2020 ‒ 34,6 thousand tons). The economy from replacement of oil types of motor fuel with natural gas made 2,6 billion rubles last year.


In 2021 on refinery capacities of Gazprom Group without raw materials supplied by the customer 34,96 billion cubic meters of natural and associated gas were prepared and processed (in 2020 ‒ 30,6 billion cubic meters), 18,13 million tons of unstable gas condensate and oil were cleared and stabilized. The volume of primary oil refining and stable gas condensate by Gazprom Group made 55,8 million tons (in 2020 ‒ 53,7 million tons).
The increase in indicators of preparation and processing of natural and associated gas turned out to be consequence of start in work of the Amur gas processing plant.

Power industry

In structure of Gazprom Group the largest in Russia vertically integrated electrical power holding which merged assets in the sphere of generation of electric and thermal energy, transfer and sale of thermal energy ‒ «Gazprom energoholding» is created.
Last year the Gazprom Group made 147,5 billion kilowatt-hours (in 2020 ‒ 132,3 billion kilowatt-hours electric and 150,9 million Gcal (in 2020 ‒ 130,1 million Gcal) thermal energy.
Increase in development of electric energy was caused by general growth of energy consumption in Russia ‒ growth of electricity consumption at the large enterprises of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical and woodworking industry, as well as on the electrified railway transport was observed. Growth of holiday of thermal energy is caused by low temperatures of external air in the heating period in Russia.


In 2021 the Gazprom Group realized 508,2 billion cubic meters of gas (in 2020 ‒ 475,3 billion). The volume of realization grew generally at the expense of increase in sales volumes in domestic market and also to foreign countries. The greatest gain of sales volumes to foreign countries fell on the markets of Germany, Turkey, China and Italy.
The net proceeds from sale (minus an excise, the VAT and the customs duties) made 5,7 trillion rubles (in 2020 ‒ 3,1 trillion). Growth of net proceeds from sales is generally caused by increase in the average prices (including an excise and the customs duties) the realized gas to the buyers who are in the territory of foreign countries.
In Russia 247,2 billion cubic meters of gas, in foreign countries ‒ 227,9, in the states which were earlier a part of the USSR, ‒ 33,1 billion cubic meters were realized.

In 2021 general consumption of gas in Russia made 516,1 billion cubic meters that is 12% more than the level of 2020. Growth of volumes of consumption of natural gas is observed against restoration of economic activity and demand after an exit from quarantine actions, and also taking into account a weather factor. In particular, in February the average monthly temperature of external air in Russia was below climatic norm on 2,7 °C. In September against cold weather the heating period in a number of regions of Russia began on average for two weeks before usual term.
A share of natural gas in power balance of our country exceeds 50%. The main consumers of natural gas in Russia are producers of the electric power and heat (34%), the population (11%), oil industry (10%), household sector (8%), the gas industry (6%), agrochemical industry (6%) and metallurgy (5%).

In 2021 the Gazprom Group realized 25,4 million tons of crude oil and stable gas condensate (in 2020 ‒ 24,1 million tons). The net profit from sale (minus the VAT and the customs duties) made 882,2 billion rubles (in 2020 ‒ 487,4 billion rubles). The increase is generally connected with growth of the average prices of crude oil.
The volume of realization of oil and gas processing products by Gazprom Group last year increased to 67,7 million tons (in 2020 ‒ 66,6 million tons) generally in connection with growth of volumes of realization in domestic market. The net proceeds from sale (minus an excise, the VAT and the customs duties) made 2,6 trillion rubles (in 2020 ‒ 1,8 trillion rubles).
In 2021 the net proceeds from sale of electric and thermal energy of Gazprom Group (minus the VAT) made 595,5 billion rubles (in 2020‒ 499,5 billion rubles).

Last year recovery of world economy was noted, the GDP level in the majority of the countries returned to the level which was to a pandemic. Global inflation was much higher than it was supposed earlier, because of the proceeding outbreaks of coronavirus, an increase in prices for the food and energy carriers, and also interruptions in deliveries. The prices of raw materials in 2021 sharply grew after large-scale decrease in the first half of 2020, and the prices of a row of goods reached historical maximum. Partly it became reflection of active restoration of demand after global recession of 2020. Energy costs and metals usually move according to world economic activity, and this tendency amplified in the last decades. Restoration of economic activity, instability of deliveries of energy from renewable sources, and also a weather factor promoted growth of consumption of gas in the world. Following the results of 2021 world consumption of gas grew almost by 186 billion cubic meters (+4,6%) and made 4,2 trillion CBM. The greatest world gain of consumption of gas last year was recorded in Russia (+55 billion cubic meters), it exceeded a gain in China (+52 billion cubic meters) and Europe (+35 billion cubic meters).

In 2021 in process of recovery of world economy the increase in prices for hydrocarbons which reached long-term maxima by the end of the year began. Average annual values of spot quotations on the European gas platforms grew almost five times in comparison with 2020.
The volume of consumption of natural gas in the European foreign countries increased in 2021 in comparison with 2020 by 6,4%, having made 578 billion cubic meters. The weather factor ‒ cold and long winter and hot summer had essential impact on demand. Growth in the industry was in many respects caused by an economic recovery after falling in 2020. Record-breaking high prices limited dynamics of demand in the second half of the last year, first of all in electricity generation sector.

In 2021 the tendency of reduction of volumes of own gas production in the European countries remained, following the results of a year decrease made 8,4 billion cubic meters (−3,9%). The greatest falling of production was observed in Great Britain (−6,8 by billion cubic meters, or 16%).
Steady decrease in import of LNG in general on the European market was caused by partial reorientation of streams of LNG from Qatar and other manufacturing countries in ATR and South America where because of restoration of economic growth and weather conditions significant increase in demand for gas was observed that led to the explosive growth of spot quotations on free volumes of LNG.

Total net LNG imports in 2021 reached 382 million tons, which is 21 million tons higher than in 2020. An increase in this indicator is considerably provided with the countries of Asia and Latin America. The main part of a gain of supply of LNG to these regions fell on the markets of the People’s Republic of China, South Korea and Brazil. A share of Europe in the world market of LNG in comparison with previous year decreased from 23 to 20% while a share of ATR increased from 71 to 73%. The main contribution to decrease in deliveries to the European region in 2021 was made by Great Britain, Italy, Spain and France. Regarding the offer the greatest general gain of supply of LNG was shown by the USA (+24 million tons).
High demand in Europe and Asia due to weather conditions, as well as low UGS stocks in European countries amid restrictions on global LNG supplies, led to higher prices in the main LNG sales markets. Average monthly value of the spot prices of LNG in Asia (Platts JKM index) increased from $3,8/1 million BTU in 2020 to $15/1 million BTU in 2021 (+292,7%), in Northwest Europe (Platts NWE index) ‒ from $3/1 million BTU to $12,3/1 million BTU (+305,6%).


The developed environment of the world markets against the control of operational expenses reached at the expense of the optimizing measures taken in 2020 provided the maximum size of an indicator of EBITDA and profit on sales for all the time of existence of Gazprom. The profit on sales of Gazprom Group in 2021 made 2,4 trillion rubles, the given EBITDA indicator ‒ 3,7 trillion rubles. Profitability on the given indicator of EBITDA of Gazprom Group increased to 36%. The profit of Group relating to shareholders of PAO Gazprom in 2021 made 2,1 trillion rubles. Its growth is caused by the advancing growth of revenue in comparison with operating expenses. Profitability of the profit relating to shareholders of PAO Gazprom following the results of last year made 20%.


Stable growth of world consumption of energy is expected. By 2040 it will increase for 16% in comparison with the level of 2021. Increase of attention to questions of decarbonization of the main sectors of world economy becomes one of key factors of formation of a world energy balance.

Dynamic growth of consumption of natural gas and the renewables (R) will become result of development of this tendency, especially in medium-term prospect. These energy carriers will provide the main volume of the world gain of energy consumption.

In medium-term prospect high growth rates of demand for gas in the world are expected, however in the long term initiatives of support of RES and decarbonization can have negative impact on growth of consumption of gas. At the same time, despite ambitious goals, these programs will restrain limitation of the financial resources directed on their realization. It is expected that by 2040 consumption of gas in the world can reach 5,1 trillion CBM.

Projections of consumption of natural gas in the long term in Europe differ in high degree of uncertainty. In 2030 consumption of gas in the region can make from 450 billion to 520 billion cubic meters, and in 2040 ‒ from 400 billion to 470 billion cubic meters. An important result of 2021 in the European gas market was the continuation of an accelerated decline in domestic production (a decrease of 4%). Results of year showed that falling of gas production in the European countries will proceed at any scenario of development of the energy markets.
In the People’s Republic of China last year, against restoration of economic activity, consumption of gas grew by 16% to 378 billion cubic meters. Demand for natural gas will steadily grow in the People’s Republic of China, thus growth rates of consumption of gas will advance rates of strengthening of own production. It is expected that in 2030 consumption will make about 550 billion cubic meters and in 2040 ‒ 700 billion cubic meters. Growth of consumption of gas in the country will be followed by stable increase in import that opens brilliant prospects before Gazprom.