Due to the imposed by the countries of Europe and USA sector sanctions concerning Russia and the separate domestic enterprises directed on restriction and a ban of export on the territory of our country of goods of a dual purpose, the management of Gazprom at the end of 2014 gave an assignment about need of essential decrease in import component for purchases for ensuring effective production and investment activity of the company, replacement of import equipment, materials and accessories on the Russian analogs, including by means of development in Russia of new productions. Today it is possible to note that the decision was not only correct but also extremely timely. Indicators of activity of the centralized supplier of PAO Gazprom — JSC Gazprom Komplektatsiya testify it.

In 2015 JSC Gazprom Komplektatsiya delivered to subsidiaries and organizations of PAO Gazprom the material resources for the total amount of 344.1 billion rubles, including import, bought based on contracts, — for the sum of 16.9 billion (4.9% of total amount). In comparison with 2014 the volume of last year’s deliveries grew on 28%.

Objects and volumes

The main material and technical resources were used for a complete set of the major buildings of 2015. Including for the Force of Siberia main gas pipeline (a part Chayanda-Lensk); linear part and the compressor stations of the project of expansion of the Uniform System of Gas Supply, including for ensuring supply of gas in the Turkish Stream gas pipeline; objects of arrangement the Cenomanian — Aptian deposits of the Bovanenkovo gas oil-gas condensate field; systems of the main gas pipelines Bovanenkovo-Ukhta (the second thread); constructions and reconstruction of the underground gas storages and other projects of the investment program of Gazprom.
This year deliveries of material resources for the above mentioned objects proceed. For three quarters of 2016 material and technical resources for the sum more than 189 billion rubles arrived to subsidiaries and organizations of PAO Gazprom.
Lots of competitive purchases are formed taking into account possibility of the maximum attraction to this process of subjects of small-scale and medium business including the requirement to participants to involve subcontractors among the small-scale and medium business enterprises in performance of the contract. So, following the results of the first three quarters of 2016 of purchase at small and medium business made more than 20% of cost volume of the signed contracts (307 billion rubles).
For integration of objects of the Yakut center of gas production, including arrangement of Chayandinskoye oil and gas field and laying of the Force of Siberia main gas pipeline to border with China, JSC Gazprom Komplektatsiya created the uniform logistic center. Delivery of material and technical resources for Yakut center of gas production is carried out under the conditions of the difficult logistic scheme including points of intermediate storage, connected with an extreme environment of Yakutia, considerable remoteness from manufacturers of the equipment, temporary restrictions of delivery because of the short navigation period and insufficient opportunities of railway stations to reception of the demanded volumes of freights.
For Yakut center of gas production in 2015 more than 800 sets of the capital processing equipment and about 600 thousand tons of pipe production were shipped. Until the end of the current year more than 10.5 thousand sets of the capital processing equipment and 380 thousand tons of pipe production will be delivered to the objects of building.
Construction of the Ukhta-Torzhok-2 main gas pipeline started in 2016 for what last year advancing delivery of 104.5 tons of pipe production was provided. In total in the current year input of 544.77 km of the main gas pipelines and its branches is planned.

Pipes and gas-pumping units

In 2015 it was bought pipe production in total for 210.5 billion rubles through JSC Gazprom Komplektatsiya. Thereof pipes on 195.8 billion, connecting details — on 14.7 billion. Thus, complete set of capital construction of PAO Gazprom investment program and capital repairs is executed in full. The priority in deliveries of pipe production last year was given to two major projects: to the ESG expansion, including for ensuring supply of gas in the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, and to the Force of Siberia main gas pipeline of which 64% of all deliveries accounted for. In total manufacturers in 2015 made for PAO Gazprom over 2.12 million tons of pipes and 16.6 thousand units of connecting details. More than 95% of the total amount of pipes account for the pipe of big diameter of domestic production.
In 10 months of 2016 for PAO Gazprom it is delivered nearly 1.1 million tons of pipes for the sum of 110.3 billion rubles and 13.8 thousand units of connecting details for 13.2 billion rubles that makes 95% and 83% respectively of the declared annual need for material and technical resources. As well as in previous years, a prevailing share of purchases (96%) made tubes of big diameter for construction of the Force of Siberia and Ukhta-Torzhok-2 main gas pipelines, as well as for capital repairs of the operating system of gas pipelines.
As for the gas-distributing equipment, in 2015 JSC Gazprom Komplektatsiya provided delivery of 40 units of complete gas-distributing units with gas-turbine installations and centrifugal superchargers, and also eight power plants. In 2016 delivery of 19 gas-distributing units and 16 power plants is planned. In 2017 delivery of 12 sets of gas-compressor units is predicted.
Within the plan of capital repairs for needs of subsidiaries of Gazprom last year 189 engines are repaired. In the current year performance of 196 repairs and delivery of five new engines is planned. In 10 months 2016 repairs of 148 engines are executed, four new engines are shipped.
Besides, the contract with the British Industrial Turbine Company (UK) Limited for delivery of the new reserve TRENT 60DLE engine for KS Port is signed this year.
In 2017 performance of 155 planned capital repairs of engines is planned.

Other purchases

Last year within implementation of the investment program of Gazprom, plans of capital construction and capital repairs of JSC Gazprom Komplektatsiya over 500 units of block technological installations, heat exchange devices, including 215 air coolers of gas, 15 automated gas-distributing stations and 300 blocks of gas-distributing stations provided delivery. The program of capital repairs of gas-distributing stations and a complete set of objects of their reconstruction are executed in directive terms.
In 10 months 2016 498 units of the block and complete petrochemical equipment, including air coolers of gas, the heat exchange equipment, blocks of dust collectors and components for repair of technological installations are shipped. Performance of 100% of the annual plan — 593 units is expected. During summer navigation the most important construction projects of Gazprom — objects of Force of Siberia system and Chayandinskoye oil and gas field are completed.
In 2017 it is planned to provide delivery of more than 542 units of the capital petrochemical equipment, including objects of the Yakut and Irkutsk centers of gas production and also the gas pipeline Bovanenkovo-Ukhta.
Within the Program of expansion of use of the compressed natural gas as motor fuel on own transport of the organizations of Group Gazprom in 2015 the centralized delivery of 1170 units of automotive vehicles, including 356 cars on the chassis of production of PAO KAMAZ, 349 cars and buses of production of GAZ Group and 320 cars of production of PAO UAZ is carried out.
Also Gazprom Komplektatsiya within the contract with JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company last year put three Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircrafts for updating of plane park of JSC Gazpromavia.

Import substitution

The prevention of purchase more than 7.5 thousand positions of material and technical resources of import production, including the positions containing import accessories became result of the forward work directed on decrease in volumes of acquisition of import production. In 2015-2016 JSC Gazprom Komplektatsiya carried out delivery of import-substituting production for construction of the second thread system of the main gas pipelines Ukhta-Torzhok (cranes spherical), equipment of wells of Bovanenkovsky and Orenburg oil and gas field (the underground and borehole equipment), the Astrakhan gas-condensate field (the underground and borehole equipment, pump and compressor pipes), for operational wells of the Kaliningrad underground gas storage (upsetting pipes), booster and compressor station of Cenomanian deposit of Pestsovaya Square of the Urengoy oil-gas condensate field (spherical cranes), for construction of Shatrovsky underground gas storage (spherical cranes), for the second turn of expansion of plant on preparation of condensate for transport (locking adjusting valves) and for compressor station Russian (pipe production).
Long-term cooperation with the Russian manufacturers and profile associations of producers of production for gas industry allowed Gazprom equipping the objects under construction with the domestic production which is not conceding according to the characteristics and parameters to the world level. Today the Russian pipe companies are completely ready to provide deliveries of pipes and connecting details for implementation of large-scale projects, such as The Turkish stream, Force of Siberia, Nord Stream — 2, including pipes for laying in zones with the increased seismic activity, tectonic breaks and permafrost soil. Production of pipes with a diameter of 508 mm and connecting details on working pressure to 28.45 MPa for arrangement of the second turn of Kirinsky field on the shelf of the island of Sakhalin is mastered.

Works on introduction on domestic productions of technology of drawing an external anticorrosive covering of production of JSC Metakley are continued. Production is used at all Russian plants making tubes of big diameter. Now certification actions monolayer (instead of three-layer) coverings on the basis of Metalen on the available production lines of the pipe companies come to the end with PE-21.
The main direction on import substitution in the field of cut pipes is development and development of upsetting and pump and compressor pipes high-strength, in cold-resistant, hydrogen sulfide-resistant and carbon dioxide executions with high-tight threaded connections, resistant to crumpling from the carbonaceous, alloyed steel and special alloy materials. The long-term contract for a mass production and delivery of the specified pipes since 2016 is signed with PAO Pipe Metallurgical Co. (Pipe Metallurgic Company). In nine months of the current year by plants of Pipe Metallurgic Company 2.882 thousand tons of import-substituting production is shipped for JSC Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan and JSC Gazprom Dobycha Shelf Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
Within preparation for the conclusion there is a contract with Pipe Metallurgic Company for production of upsetting tubes with a diameter of 762 mm and 508 mm with fast-combined connections for offshore projects of Gazprom.

At the Perm enterprises development and conclusion to a mass production of gas-pumping units with a power of 32-35 MW is conducted. For today such production is mastered only by one Russian enterprise — the Petersburg JSC REP Holding releasing units on the basis of the turbine MS5002E according to the license of the American General Electric. Development of the 32 MW completely Russian gas-pumping units will provide the competition in the market, and also full independence of external political and economic factors.
In 2016 JSC Kaliningradgazpriboravtomatika Firm successfully finished a cycle of acceptance tests of the system of automatic control of gas-pumping units and an automated control system for technological process of compressor shop (industrial control system of KTs) made on the domestic Neman-R software and hardware complex.
In September Gazprom flowing for about one years from objects preparation for carrying out trial operation of the ultrasonic pulse-time flowmeters of gas Contour mastered by JSC Saratovgazavtomatika came to the end. Contour flowmeters are developed with use of absolutely Russian materials, accessories and software. Application of these flowmeters is planned for measurement of a consumption of gas in domestic automobile gas-filling compressor stations.
The spherical cranes mastered by the JSC Samaravolgomash enterprise calculated on the contents in working environment of aggressive components, such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide allowed JSC Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg to replace spherical cranes of famous import brands with the Russian analogs.
JSC Penztyazhpromarmatura within import substitution mastered production of spherical cranes diameters from 50 mm to 600 mm on pressure of 16 MPa for work in the conditions of the gas-condensate fields including containing in structure of the got product to 25% of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. These cranes passed successful polygon and trial tests in JSC Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan and are recommended by Gazprom for application in branch.

Assistance of the industry

Maintaining steady demand for hi-tech production, Gazprom promotes development of the domestic industry, involving more and more the Russian enterprises in the process of development of the equipment for technologies, of the not earlier applied in our country.
So, reinforcing plants — members of Association of producers of the equipment New Technologies of Gas Industry mastered new technologies in foundry production (Aleksinsky JSC Tyazhpromarmatura), modern forge and press production (JSC Sukhodol-Spetstyazhmash) is created, modern technologies of high-precision machining are introduced in a mass production (JSC Samaravolgomash, JSC Kurganspetsarmatura, JSC Penztyazhpromarmatura and JSC Murom Plant of Pipeline Fittings). New technological processes of hardening and protection of working surfaces for replacement of all line of the import locking regulating fittings used on objects of Gazprom are developed and introduced.
JSC FESTO-RF representing the German company Festo in Russia started production of a full cycle of pneumatic actuators of various types for replacement of import in the oil and gas industry in 2015 in Simferopol.
PAO ChTPZ last year started the enterprise for production of connecting details of JSC Eterno. Gazprom coordinated specifications on connecting details diameters from 500 mm to 1400 mm for the main and field pipelines with the working pressure up to 11.8 MPa of production of this enterprise. In 2016 the exit of plant to design capacity — 10 thousand tons of production a year is carried out.
For ensuring execution of terms of the contract between Gazprom and the Chinese national oil and gas corporation CNPC the decision on realization of a number of the investment projects concerning the Yakut center of gas production including arrangement of Chayandinskoye oil and gas field is made. One of the features of this field is existence in its gas layers of the high content of helium. Considering that helium is strategic raw material, there was a need of use of technological decisions which application will allow reducing considerably its losses with realized, including for export, commodity gas and to provide its storage. Following the results of the carried-out competitive purchases at a stage of design and surveying works the contract for delivery of processing equipment for a complete set of installation of membrane allocation of the helium concentrate which does not have analogs in Russia is signed.

Road maps

Gazprom many years conducts systematic collaboration with domestic producers for the purpose of the maximum use of capacity of the Russian enterprises in providing the planned projects. For this purpose Gazprom since 2013 realizes practice of development of «road maps» of the projects directed on expansion of use of hi-tech production and services of the domestic enterprises, increase of their quality and competitiveness. The first such a document was signed with Tomsk region. So far the number of the regions which chose this format of cooperation increased to 15 (Bashkortostan, Mordovia, Tatarstan, Perm Krai, the Vladimir, Voronezh, Irkutsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Tomsk, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk areas, North Caucasus federal district, St. Petersburg, and also Republic of Belarus).
Priority activity within the designated documents is creation of the world-class domestic equipment capable to compete with known foreign brands for decrease in dependence of the Russian fuel and energy complex on external negative impacts.