In 2022 general expenses of Gazprom Group on the environmental protection (EP) in The Russian Federation made 89.14 billion rubles.


Investment funds of Gazprom Group in 2022 were allocated:

- 16110.85 million rubles on protection and rational use of water resources, thereof 9569.98 million rubles – on construction of treatment facilities and reverse water supply systems;
23145.42 million rubles on protection of atmospheric air, thereof 19994.65 million rubles – on construction of an associated petroleum gas compression unit (APG) in JSC Gazprom Neft-Yamal;

–7219.64 million rubles on protection and rational use of lands, thereof 899.01 million rubles on restoration;

– 1495.80 million rubles were spent on other tasks solution, including protection and reproduction of fish stocks – 242.30 million rubles, on installations and grounds on to utilization, neutralization and waste disposal – 513.13 million rubles, on protection and rational use of the woods – 186.70 million rubles, on the other directions – 553.67 million rubles. Last year Gazprom put into operation: wastewater treatment plants and facilities with a total capacity of 66.98 thousand cubic meters/day, four waste disposal and disposal plants with a capacity of 224.50 thousand tons per year, two installations for capturing and neutralizing harmful substances from waste gases with a capacity of 0.06 thousand tons. cubic meters/hour, two circulating water supply systems with a capacity of 14.42 thousand cubic meters/day. In 2022, Gazprom Group’s current environmental protection costs increased by 11.3% compared to 2021 and amounted to 40419.7 million rubles. This is due to an increase in operating costs for the environmental protection system and payment for environmental services related to the protection and rehabilitation of land, surface and groundwater, waste water collection and treatment, as well as with the protection of atmospheric air and the prevention of climate change as a result of an increase in the volume of gas evacuation works using mobile compressor stations (MCS) in order to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

REFERENCE: The structure of Gazprom Group’s current costs has traditionally been dominated by the costs of wastewater collection and treatment, which in 2022 amounted to 15.62 billion rubles or 38.7%. It is directed 8.61 billion rubles on protection and rehabilitation of lands, surface and underground water; waste treatment – 6.81 billion rubles; protection of atmospheric air and mitigation of climate change – 6.38 billion rubles; preservation of a biodiversity and protection of natural territories – 0.58 billion rubles; it is spent for the other directions of environmental protection, among which environment protection from noise, vibration and others types of physical impact, ensuring radiation safety surrounding Wednesdays, research activity and development on decrease in the negative impacts on environment and other, – 2.41 billion rubles. In budgets of the various levels as a payment for negative impact on environment in 2022 The Gazprom Group transferred 747.34 million rubles.


In 2022 gross emissions of the polluting substances in atmospheric air from stationary sources of the Gazprom Group companies made 2155.25 thousand tons that below indicator of 2021 for 14%. Emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere were reduced due to the effective implementation of Energy Saving Program measures, including reduction of fuel gas consumption, as well as due to changes in the fuel balance in terms of reducing a share of coal and increasing a share of natural gas at facilities of Gazprom Energoholding. During 2018-2022 in Gazprom Group emissions of the polluting substances in atmospheric air were reduced by 26%. On installations of purification of flue gases 450.99 thousand tons of pollutants were caught and neutralized. It was caught and neutralized in Gazprom Energoholding 352.99 thousand tons of pollutants, in PAO Gazprom – 89.04 thousand tons, in other companies of the Group– 8.96 thousand tons. Emissions of pollutants from stationary sources of the companies of gas business of Group made 1532.24 thousand tons that below an indicator of 2021 for 16%. A share of PAO Gazprom in total amount emissions of gas business makes 90% and defines the general trend of indicators. Thus total gross emissions of PAO Gazprom in relation to 2021 decreased on 331.18 thousand tons or for 19.3% that is caused as reduction of output, and implementation of a complex of energy saving actions. Gross emissions in Gazprom Energoholding were reduced by 32% and made 161.04 thousand tons. This is due to a change in the fuel balance in terms of a decrease in a share of coal and increasing a share of natural gas. Subsidiaries of PAO Gazprom annually hold a large number of events, aimed at reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air. Significant contribution in decrease in emissions is brought by implementation of energy saving projects based on front lines technologies directed on preservation of natural gas at repairs of linear part of the main gas pipelines (MGP). One of the most effective modern technologies is the use of mobile compressor stations, due to which last year, 870.75 million cubic meters of natural gas were prevented from venting into the atmosphere. Last year the MCS project realized by the company of a special purpose PAO Gazprom MCS, worked at the maximum power and used 12 MCS. Gas-producing subsidiaries conduct technological studies of wells without releasing natural gas into the atmosphere through the introduction of telemetry systems, the use of concentric lift string technologies in wells, the introduction of multicomponent compositions of surfactants that improve the conditions for removing formation fluid from the bottom of wells and thus reduce gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Associated gas

The great value for reduction of emissions and also for resource-saving has activities of Gazprom for reduction (termination) of torch burning passing oil gas. In the conditions of the world tendencies on transition of economy to the low-carbon and a power effective way of development taking into account economic losses and environmental risks prevention of burning of APG is an actual problem of oil and gas sector. Implementation of investment projects on use of APG on fields of Gazprom Group pursues the aim on achievement of level of use of APG not less than 95% in compliance with requirements of the Government of the Russian Federation resolution (dated November 8, 2012 No. 1148). In 2022 the APG utilization rate on the fields of the gas subsidiaries of PAO Gazprom (including JSC Gazprom Production Tomsk) made 98.4%. The APG utilization rate on Gazprom Group in general made 94.2%. In Gazprom Oil Group the level of the APG utilization rate on subsidiaries in the territory of Russia taking into account consolidation of volumes of production on the current assets, developed under long-term risk operator contracts, (without taking into account joint ventures) reached 94.02%. The actual growth of APG use made 3.5 billion CBM or 15.1%. Last year within increase of use of APG Gazprom Oil started in work the following objects:

– compressor station with installation of preparation of gas of the Pestsovy oil and gas condensate field design capacity 4 billion CBM a year. It is intended for reception, preparation and transportation of natural gas and APG in Unified gas supply system. The condensate stabilization unit prepares condensate, sending to the central collection point of the Pestsovy oil and gas condensate field and a broad fraction of light hydrocarbons sent to the Condensate Treatment Plant;

– the first stage is compressor station of Chayandinskoye oil and gas field design capacity 2 billion CBM a year. The facility is intended for receive and transportation of associated petroleum gas through the gas pipeline with le length of 51 km to the gas pre-treatment unit No. 2 of Chayandinskoye oil and gas field, from where the gas is served to gas main Force of Siberia.

- installation of complex preparation of gas of Novoportovsky oil and gas field. It is removed on design productivity 10.5 billion CBM a year on associated petroleum gas and 5.3 billion CBM a year on natural gas. The prepared gas on the gas pipeline laid under Gulf of Ob is transported in the Unified Gas Supply System. The realized investment projects promote development of various directions of use of gas by Gazprom Oil. Among them are transportation and delivery of associated petroleum gas on gas-processing plants, in the Unified Gas Supply System, processing, generation of thermal and electric power for ensuring own needs, downloading in a gas cap for formation pressure maintenance. For the last five years the realized portfolio of drafts of the gas program of Gazprom Oil Group allowed to provide increase in useful use of associated petroleum gas on 15.7 sub-items. Key factors of growth of this indicator are effective management material streams and equipment, as well as the start of new infrastructure objects.

Water use

Gazprom Group companies seek for decrease in negative impact, including by reduction of water consumption for production needs and decrease in dumping sewage in superficial water objects. In 2022 Gazprom Group companies received 3716.01 million CBM of water for water supply that is for 4.7% below an indicator of 2021. Waste water disposal last year was reduced on 8.3% also made 3060.35 million cubic meters. Water disposal in superficial water objects was reduced by 8.9% in relation to 2021 and made 2937.95 million cubic meters. Water disposal on fields of irrigation and a field of a filtration made 9.48 million CBM, 0.61 million CBM were allocated to the storage tanks, in the underground horizons – 26.87 million CBM, including 10.57 million CBM for maintenance of reservoir pressure. In municipal and other systems 85.44 million cubic meters were taken away. During 2018-2022 in Gazprom Group:

–water consumption for production needs was reduced by 17%;

–water intake from natural sources decreased by 19%.

– waste water discharge into surface water bodies decreased by 20%.

In 2022 Gazprom Group held more than 340 events for environmental protection, directed on increase of efficiency of use of water for production and economic domestic needs, and also for increase of extent of cleaning of the taken-away waste waters. Two circulating water supply systems with a capacity of 14.42 thousand cubic m/day and 82 wastewater treatment units with a total power of 66.98 thousand cubic m/day were put into operation. The first stage of a complex of the biological treatment facilities Biosphere began working on Omsk Refinery of Gazprom Oil. It is a block of primary mechanical preparation of water, which deletes more than 80% of impurity from it. Construction works are continued –it is planned that all complex will be brought into operation by the end of the current year. The innovative Biospheres technologies will clear water almost for 100% for it reuse in a production cycle of Omsk Refinery. General influence of the enterprises on environment is already lowered by 40%. By 2025 influence of Omsk Oil Refinery will be reduced by 25%.


Gazprom Group companies generated 2,588.59 thousand tons of waste in 2022, which is 15% less than in 2021. The decrease was primarily due to a 65% reduction in the generation of ash and slag waste at Gazprom Energoholding due to increase in the share of natural gas in the fuel balance. During 2018-2022 education volumes waste in Gazprom Group decreased by 27%. Ecologically safe recycling of drilling at construction and operation wells is one of the main objectives of the oil and gas extraction companies of the Group. Last year, a total of 1750.28 thousand tons of drilling waste was in circulation (taking into account 380.01 thousand tons available at the beginning of the year and 1370.27 thousand tons formed). Of this amount 380.43 thousand tons was utilized at the enterprise, 18.31 thousand tons were placed at their own disposal facilities, 863.99 thousand tons were transferred to specialized licensed organizations for disposal and neutralization. One of the main requirements imposed to technological process of construction wells is prevention of negative impact of waste of drilling on environment, especially in difficult climatic conditions of Arctic zones. For this purpose, during the development of deposits, design solutions are actively introduced into practice that help minimize the impact on ecosystems in the process of conducting drilling operations. During the construction of wells, formulations of a line of «green» drilling fluids and a tubeless drilling method are developed and used. Extends practice of application of technologies of utilization of boring waste with receiving the mineral the construction materials used for all-construction works at arrangement fields. In order to prevent negative impact on the environment Sakhalin Energy LLC disposes drilling waste by injection through special absorbing wells into deep horizons of the subsurface, which have the necessary insulating layers to ensure their complete localization and reliable burial.