On January 5, 2024 the Chinese edition Nengyuan Tsinbao brought preliminary data of Institute of economy and technologies that following the results of 2023 consumption of gas in China increased on 7.3% and made 393 billion cubic meters.

Increase in demand for gas in household sector made 7.9%, in the industrial –6.3%, in electric generating – 7%, in transport – 12.1%, in chemical industries – 2.7%. Considerably increased sales of cargo transport on LNG: 160 thousand trucks were sold for year, is 330% more than in the previous year.

In a regional section consumption of gas in China developed unevenly. So, in the Provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian increase in demand for gas in a year exceeded 10%, rates growth of consumption in the Province of Jiangsu and the «capital» Province of Hebei remained on low level, in the northeast Provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin is recorded consumption recession.

On January 9 the Public power administration of the People’s Republic of China published «Ten key achievements in the sphere of exploration and production of oil and gas to China in 2023″. In particulars, internal gas production reached 230 billion cubic meters, including 96 billion cubic meters accounted for nonconventional types of gas which share in national production made 43%, thereof more than 60 billion cubic meters were a share of gas of dense collectors, 25 billion cubic meters –on slate gas, more than 11 billion cubic meters – on methane of coal layers.

The head customs office of the People’s Republic of China reported on January 12 that in 2023 China imported 165.32 billion cubic meters (119.97 million tons), it is 9.9% more than in 2022. It is characteristically that in December import made 17.43 billion cubic meters (+23%).

On the Force of Siberia gas pipeline Gazprom in 2023 delivered 22.7 billion CBM to the People’s Republic of China at the plan in 22 billion cubic meters. Besides, Gazprom traditionally delivers in China liquefied natural gas (LNG) of the Sakhalin-II project.

«China is our strategic partner”, the Chairman Boards of PAO Gazprom Alexey Miller said, “In 2025 we will enter into contract volumes of gas supplied to the People’s Republic of China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline – 38 billion cubic meters of gas. Besides, we have already started implementation of the project constructions of a Far East route of supply of gas to China – from the Far East Russia, and supply of gas will begin no later than 2027. We also continue work on the organization of supply of the Russian gas to China through the territory of Mongolia».

In the European Union, the opposite trend is observed, where gas consumption decreases. Alexey Miller noted, “For the first time in the history of world energy there is artificial destruction of gas demand to the primary energy carrier, deliberate destroying demand for one of the cleanest energy products. It has never happened before in history. In many European countries it actually has already led to deindustrialization.”

If to speak about use of gas in the world in general, opinion of the majority experts, says that within 25 years in the world it will grow more than by a third. In particulars, the Forum of the countries of exporters of gas predicts that by 2050 world GDP will grow more than twice, thus more than a half of this growth will provide Asian Pacific region (ATR). GDP of this region in the next 30 years will increase approximately three times. The regional structure of world GDP by 2050 will also undergo changes. If in 2022 more than 40% cumulative fell to the share of the USA and the EU GDP that exceeds a similar indicator of China and India twice, by 2050 for the account of more dynamic development of Asia-Pacific countries a contribution of the specified groups to world GDP will make 33% per country.

The expected economic growth in combination with the social and demographic factors will support increase in demand for energy more than for 20% during the period from 2022 to 2050 – from 14.6 to 17.9 billion tons of an oil equivalent. The structure of demand on energy during the considered period will undergo considerable changes. So, shares of oil and coal – from 30 to 24% and from 26 to 13% respectively will significantly be reduced. A share of renewables, according to the forecast, is to grow to 17%. Thus it is important that natural gas will take the leading position in the structure of the world fuel and energy balance by 2050, providing more than a quarter global needs for power sources.

Demand for natural gas will increase in the world more than on a third in 2022-2050 that confirms the increasing importance of this resource for the changing landscape of world economy. ATR will become the main center of demand for gas, where gas consumption will increase almost twice and will exceed 1,6 trillion CBM in 2050 that it is equivalent to the current consumption of the countries of North America and Europe of together taken. China will act as an engine of increase in demand for gas in ATR.

In view of the forecast of development of the gas markets, PAO Gazprom beforehand started work on development of east direction, diversification sales markets and forms of delivery of the production. The company finishes construction of Amur gas-processing plant.

We have everything necessary to implement the strategy of PJSC Gazprom, and first of all, a resource base, the increment of which is constantly being carried out. For 18 years the company ensures a gas reserve replenishment ratio greater than one. This is a good foundation for the stability and sustainability of our business in the long term perspective. Several new gas production centers have been created (Sakhalin, Yakutsk, Irkutsk and Kamchatka), continues work on the development of new deposits.