The Russian gas export to the friendly countries in 2023 made 76 billion cubic meters. As the CEO of institute of national power Sergey Pravosudov told, in medium-term prospect Russia can surpass export indicators which were till 2022.
The Russian supply of the pipeline and liquefied gas to the friendly countries in 2023 totally made 76 billion cubic meters, thus 23 billion cubic meters were a share of China. It was told in presentation of the First Deputy Minister of Energy Pavel Sorokin to performance within the Day of Power at the Russia exhibition forum. Our gas export reached the maximum values in 2020-2021.  Then we sold in foreign markets a little more than 200 billion cubic meters a year.

Despite geopolitical intensity and refusal of gas cooperation with Russia from the majority of the countries of Europe, shortly we can not only restore former volumes of gas export but also surpass them. «Russia has already signed the contract for gas export on Force of Siberia by 2025 of 38 billion cubic meters annually,” Sergey Pravosudov reminds. “And technically the capacity of a pipe can be expanded on 4-6 billion cubic meters. Besides, along a Far East route we will deliver 10 more billion cubic meters,» the expert lists. “The agreement on construction of 50 billion cubic meters Force of Siberia-2 gas pipeline in a year is also at high readiness, its route from Russia to China will pass through the territory of Mongolia. In total only these projects will provide about 100 billion cubic meters of export deliveries a year,» Sergey Pravosudov counted.

According to the expert, you should not dismiss absolutely export in the western direction. «One string of Nord Stream-2 remained, and at change of political moods in Germany it is possible to deliver to 25 billion cubic meters a year on it,” the expert says. “And then there is the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline with a capacity of over 30 billion cubic meters, which is currently inactive due to Poland’s position. Of course, it is difficult to say that pumping through it will resume in the foreseeable future, but there is a possibility of that,» Sergey Pravosudov admits.

Besides, Russia now daily pumps via the Ukrainian gas transmission system 40-43 million cubic meters (or to 15 billion cubic meters a year) to the European buyers, «and these deliveries, most likely, will remain too, but the principle of sales will change,” the expert considers. «Gazprom will sell gas not on the western border of Ukraine but on the eastern one, and all problems with transit will fall on the shoulders of buyers: Austria, Slovakia and the other countries».

No noticeable threats are present to the deliveries which are carried out on two gas pipelines through the Black Sea. On Turkish Stream and Blue Stream 47 billion cubic meters of gas a year come from Russia to Turkey and to the countries of Southern Europe. «And volumes of supply of gas from Russia to Central Asia, — Kyrgyzstan, where Gazprom has own network of gas distribution, Uzbekistan and the other countries still considerably grow,» Sergey Pravosudov adds.

Also you should not forget about export of the liquefied gas, «we actively increase LNG production that will occupy an essential share in the general gas deliveries to foreign markets,” the expert emphasized. “In general prospects look rather optimistically, it is possible to hope that in medium-term prospect Russia can surpass the gas export indicators reached till 2022,» concluded the expert.